Patchouli Spiritual Uses

Magickal Uses of Patchouli – Magickal Uses of Patchouli Planet Saturn Elemental Association: Earth Astrological Sign: Scorpio Deity Associations: Aphrodite, Pan, Osain Gender: Feminie PATCHOULI: (Pogostemon patchouli or heyeanus).

We aim to produce in ourselves a shared set of understandings about the way the spiritual intersects with the world. There’s a bunch of authorities that we can use to understand our movement’s orig.

HOW TO USE SPIRITUAL OILS, PERFUME OILS & RITUAL OILS. Perfume Oils, Spiritual Oils and Ritual oils or elixirs are used in many works particularly in Vodou, Voodoo, Voudou and Hoodoo as practiced in the United States.

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Use in spells for healing, consecration rituals, protection, purification, lunar magick, exorcism, undoing curses and hexes cast against you, banishing anger, spiritual strength and meditation. The colour is appropriate for any lunar goddess or.

We serve the entire university population, although mainly working with students, from the understanding that life, including academic life, is a spiritual journey. I am here to assist students, facul.

Fifty years ago, in a psychedelic haze of tie-dye and patchouli oil, an estimated 100,000 hippies. convinced that the drug would usher in a “spiritual awakening” on the planet. “I remember this one.

Herbs of Wicca patchouli spiritual meaning. Healing properties and benefits, patchouli oil uses and a love spell. from the green witch Linda Philip.

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Described in a release as “soulful,” the creamy aroma features notes of blackberry, orange, golden amber, Moroccan rose, cashmere, sandalwood, sugared patchouli and vanilla. of my individual style.

Practical uses for Patchouli essential oil:. It balances those who feel devitalized and who seek to escape the body through spiritual pursuits or other forms of.

2) Frankincense: Magical Uses: Sacred to the Sun God Ra, frankincense is burned in rites of exorcism, purification, and protection. It is said to accelerate spiritual growth. Rosemary may be used as a substitute. Use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, luck and protection rites.

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Frankincense resin is commonly used to make incense, which is then burned for spiritual purposes. The scent is thought to induce meditative states, reduce tension and stress, and also to lift the spirit. Frankincense is native to the Mideast and Northern Africa and has been in use by the people of those regions for thousands of years.

7 Benefits to Using Spiritual Essential Oils for Meditation. As far as I can see, there are 7 benefits of Using Spiritual Essential Oils for Meditation. They are as follows…. 1. It’s easier to connect with the divine due to their heightened vibrational resonance 2. Your ability to stay in the meditative space is enhanced. 3.

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So naturally when I use eucalyptus oil for my spiritual. Here is a list of only some of the common ones I use. Lemon/Cinnamon/Patchouli/Rose/Chamomile.

The most popular magical uses for patchouli are the different money spells. a professional spiritual adviser, "Patchouli Magical Uses."

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The patchouli plant is well known for its magical attributes and has long been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Patchouli comes from the Hindustan word "pacholi" meaning "to scent.".

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The patchouli plant is well known for its medicinal and spiritual uses. It's often used in ritual workings and in incense and potpourri blends.

Opens spiritual centers. Also used for protection, purification, and to overcome obstacles. Repels negativity. Coriander: Used for love and healing. Also used for protection. Crab.

Beyond its use for preventing holes from being eaten in one's cloting, Patchouli oil has been used for centuries in traditional medicine in Malaysia, China and Japan.

The Patchouli plant is known as the Pogostemon cablin. physical and spiritual wellness. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits, Uses and Side Effects;

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Look at this page for all the information on Patchouli oil, and what it can be used for.

Jun 29, 2012  · Patchouli incense is known for its strong fragrance. Emotional benefits of Patchouli oil and incense. Increasing spiritual power by using spiritual.

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Since ancient times, these oils have been used widely to awaken desires and sensuous feelings. It is the smell of essential oils which stimulates the pituitary. As it acts through heart chakra, it.

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Spiritual Uses: As one of the most basic and powerful earth scents, Patchouli has a variety of magical and spiritual uses. It is often used in money spells, and is also a favorite ingredient for sex magick purposes.

Incense Symbology Just like candles. Patchouli Powder: Enhances prosperity. Used for fertility. Used for spiritual awareness, meditation and psychic development.

Essential oils have been used for more than 5,000 years for natural remedies for various conditions and also to improve the health of skin, hair and body, or to make DIY recipes. Learn about the top 101 essential oils uses as well as many essential oil benefits.

HOW TO USE BATH CRYSTALS, FLOOR WASHES, AND SPIRITUAL SOAPS IN THE HOODOO ROOTWORK TRADITION by catherine yronwode Spiritual Bathing and Cleansing is an ancient practice, recommended in.

Patchouli is used widely in modern perfumery and modern industry. It has an extremely powerful scent and the leaves can simply be left out in order to scent an entire room. Patchouli is also used extensively in body care products, and has been for thousands of years. It produces a rich and musky scent that is considered to be both a stimulant.

Patchouli* Patchouli is a grounding oil that attracts money, love, and intimacy, while dispelling negativity. It influences spiritual growth and is ideal for divination and self-hypnosis. Peppermint* Peppermint enhances psychic ability and heightens spiritual energy. Rose* Rose is healing, cleansing, and balancing.

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